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Stormwater Systems


UPDATE: The HVLV 180 Header System is no longer required for use with the Recharger series. CULTEC has added a side portal internal manifold system to the following models: Recharger 180, 280, 330, & 330XL. All new designs are able to utilize the internal manifold feature, however, the HVLV 180 Header System is still available if an external manifold is desired.

The HVLV 180SC Straight Connector Header Section comes open on both endwalls and sidewalls. It is used to extend the length of a header run. The sidewalls may be trimmed to accept HVLV FC-24 Feed Connectors. May be used with CULTEC Recharger® models 180, 280, 330 and 330XL for stormwater applications as replacement for internal manifold feature or conventional pipe manifold systems. Available in heavy-duty only. See also HVLV 180BT Blind Tee. 

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Chamber-type High Volume, Low Velocity (HVLV) Header System that may be used in conjunction with its CULTEC Recharger® 180, 280, 330 and 330XL stormwater chambers. The HVLV 180 Header System alleviates the need for a conventional pipe and stone manifold system. The units have an open bottom to allow for maximum flow volumes at a retarded rate of speed similar to the design of its plastic stormwater chambers. This allows the water to move at a slower rate and infiltrate rather than outflow.

The open bottom of the HVLV 180 Header system permits capitalizing on the infiltrative capabilities of the manifold while also conveying the stormwater to the CULTEC Recharger® stormwater management chamber system.

Feed connectors are inserted into the HVLV 180 Header sections to act as feed lines to the bed of stormwater detention/retention chambers.

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5.02 ft1.53 m


36 in914.4 mm


20.50 in520.7 mm

Installed Length (exposed)


Chamber StorageThese values are based on the installed length of the chamber. See specifications for installed length.

3.445 ft³/ft0.32 m³/m

Compatible Models

Recharger models 180HD, 280HD, 330HD, 330XLHD

Sidewall Connector dimensions to accept HVLV™ F-24 Feed Connector

12 x 16 in304.8 x 406.4 mm

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