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Stormwater Systems

CULTEC NO. 410 FILTER FABRIC, MODEL #410 Stormwater Filter Fabric

A non-woven polypropylene filter fabric that may be used with CULTEC Contactor® and Recharger® stormwater installations. CULTEC Stormwater Systems are typically enveloped top, sides and bottom with filter fabric in order to provide a barrier that prevents soil intrusion into the stone.



Grab Tensile (ASTM-D-4632)

90 lbs.400 N

Elongation (ASTM D-4632)

50 %

Trapezoid Tear (ASTM-D-4533)

35 lbs.155 N

Puncture (ASTM-D-4833)

55 lbs.245 N

Mullen Burst (ASTM-D-3786)

175 psi1205 kPa

Apparent Opening Size (ASTM-D-4751)

70 U.S. Sieve0.21 mm

Permittivity (ASTM-D-4491)

2.0 Sec. -1

Permeability (ASTM D 4491)

0.2 cm/sec

Flow Rate (ASTM-D-4491)

145 gal/min/sf5908 l/min/

UV Resistance (ASTM-D-4355)


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