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Stormwater Systems

Stormwater System Accessories

A non-woven polypropylene filter fabric that may be used with CULTEC Contactor® and Recharger® stormwater installations. CULTEC Stormwater Systems are typically enveloped top, sides and bottom with filter fabric in order to provide a barrier that prevents soil intrusion into the stone.

CULTEC No. 66 Woven Geotextile is designed to provide an economical solution to prevent scouring at inlets and beneath the CULTEC internal manifold feature. It may also utilized below the chambers of the CULTEC Separator Row as a barrier to prevent soil/ contaminate intrusion and allow maintenace of the water quality system.

CULTEC recommends taping off the installation location during construction to prevent any equipment or vehicles from traversing over the chambers until the system has been completely installed, backfilled and paved (where applicable) according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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