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StormGenie® Automated Drawing Program

AutoCAD® Plug-In For Designing Cultec Stormwater Systems

Current version is: v. 2.6 released June 7, 2017
Please Note: The Recharger 902HD is currently not supported by the StormGenie. COMING SOON

What is CULTEC StormGenie®?

The CULTEC StormGenie® is an AutoCAD® plug-in for designing CULTEC Stormwater Systems. The StormGenie generates project-specific AutoCAD drawings for CULTEC’s Contactor and Recharger Stormwater Systems.
The CULTEC StormGenie may be used in two ways. You can either design the system using the CULTEC Stormwater Design Calculator or you may use the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling Software depending on your needs.
The CULTEC StormGenie takes information from whichever program you prefer and creates the proposed system in AutoCAD®. The generated CAD drawing is fully usable and may be modified and incorporated into existing plans.
The newest version of CULTEC’s StormGenie Automated Drawing Program also has drawing capability for CULTEC stormwater systems created in HydroCAD’s Chamber Wizard. It will be as easy as creating the system in the Chamber Wizard, exporting the HydroCAD file and running the CULTEC StormGenie in AutoCAD.

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Third-party review featured in Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine. (PDF – 1.55MB)


Excellent for creating preliminary system proposals to clients without spending a lot of time.
Quick way to draw accurate system layouts that can be modified into irregular sized beds.
Great for contractors and landscape architects to draw systems for review by an engineer or client.
Ideal for professional looking drawings for bids, conceptual systems or product substitutions.

Generate Accurate, Project-Specific Cad Drawings In Minutes!
It Is As Easy As…


Choose the model you want to specify, input your project’s stormwater design parameters into the CULTEC Stormwater Design Calculator or HydroCAD Chamber Wizard, and save the file.

Calculations Include:

  • List of Materials for Easy Estimating
  • Bed Area Required
  • Breakdown of Storage Provided
  • Custom Cross Section Detail


Click CULTEC StormGenie® on the AutoCAD toolbar and import the saved Stormwater Design Calculator spreadsheet or HydroCAD file.


The CULTEC Stormwater System CAD drawing is automatically generated. You may now incorporate the drawing into your plans and modify as needed.

Drawings include:

  • Project-specific Designs
  • CULTEC’s Internal Manifold System
  • Accurate Center-to-Center Spacing and System Dimensions
  • Dimensional Call-outs
  • Legend and Hatching
  • List of Materials for Easy Take-offs
  • Storage Provided

Click here to view sample drawing (link doesn’t go anywhere)

Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft® Windows OS
Microsoft® Excel 2002 or later
AutoCAD® 2010-2018 by Autodesk, Inc.
if you want to use the “Draw from HydroCAD” capability, you must also have a version of HydroCAD (see Step 3).
The CULTEC StormGenie is not supported by earlier versions of the CULTEC Stormwater Design Calculator, AutoCAD versions before 2010 or any AutoCAD LT programs.

PLEASE NOTE: The Recharger 902HD is not supported by CULTEC StormGenie v.2.5 at this time. We will keep you posted with compatibilty updates.

Don’t Have AutoCAD? No Problem

Just fill out the CULTEC Stormwater Design Calculator spreadsheet and e-mail it to us and we will design the system for you free of charge.

Step 1


CULTEC StormGenie® User’s Manual

This Step 1 download is not mandatory.
A copy of this manual may be access from the CULTEC StormGenie ribbon within AutoCAD after the StormGenie program has been installed.

However, some clients may wish to have this documentation prior to downloading the StormGenie program to be able to review the steps.

Step 2


CULTEC StormGenie Automated Drawing Program v. 2.6

This version has the ability to draw from both the Stormwater Design Calculator and HydroCAD.

The Stormwater Design Calculator is included in this download.

The HydroCAD program is not included in the Step 2 download.

If you don’t already have HydroCAD, you can download a free HydroCAD CULTEC Edition in Step 3.
HydroCAD is not required unless you want to use the “Draw from HydroCAD” feature.

A registration code is required to complete the installation process. It may take 1-2 business days to receive the registration code. You may close the registration screen at any time to work in other programs. Once you receive the registration code, go to run the StormGenie tool in AutoCAD, if the registration has not been completed, it will bring up the registration screen again so that you can enter the registration code to complete the registration process and begin using CULTEC StormGenie.

Step 3


Free HydroCAD CULTEC Edition

This Step 3 download is not mandatory.

If you already have HydroCAD, you do not need to download Step 3.

If you do not have HydroCAD, you may download this free HydroCAD CULTEC Edition in order to use the “Draw from HydroCAD” feature.

With the CULTEC Edition you can construct basic watershed models of up to 5-nodes, including complete storage, runoff and routing calculations using CULTEC chambers. This edition only includes CULTEC products.
CAUTION – This edition will overwrite any other versions of HydroCAD you currently have. Do not download this program if you already own a full-version of HydroCAD.

We are able to assist you in your design by performing preliminary calculations and supplying AutoCAD layouts free of charge

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